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-15% off for a big project (from 200 h)

What exactly makes Ukrainian digital outsourcing so advantageous?

The thing is, hiring professional staff in Amsterdam comes at a high cost. This is due to heavy taxes as well as expansive accommodation, food, and employee benefits.

So why not consider hiring a remote employee?

Do you have any concerns that he or she could just drop off the radar? Is there a lack of reliability? And how to control them?

Well, let me answer all these questions one by one:

Hello, my name is Bogdan Nikitin and I’ve been in the IT industry for 7 years already. To date, our team consists of 25 professionals, and we all know what we're doing.

Some pieces of our lives in Instagram:

What’s so special about us?


We do always meet the deadline. In case we don’t, you'll be compensated with a 30% discount of the project price.

Nikitin Bogdan — The founder of the studio


All our staff use a time-tracker in their work. Upon completing your task or a certain project stage, we draw a corresponding report for you. Thus, you only pay for actual working hours and can track the amount of time spent for each task.

No worries - all issues are resolved by our professionals, from development to advertising.

-15% off for a big project (from 200 h)

— team of Nikitin DA

High level of
for little money

Why should you trust us? And how to determine whether we are reliable or not?

Well, firstly, only time builds relationships, you can't trust anyone from the first time. But still we have a successful work history:

Our friendly and professional team

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