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Create unique avatars with
Monster Generator!

The Challenge

Monster Generator is creative app, that helps pupils to get cool profile image. Using modern technology we helped company Amumba to provide an intuitive, engaging way for parents, teachers, and anyone who cares about a student’s success to encourage that student toward making positive changes in their behavior, and their attitudes toward learning. New application helps pupils to create extraordinary images and makes work with platform easy and fun.

This tool has even more advantages. No one else will have the same image like you do. This tool doesn't just take your image, it allows you to choose from which image area to create an avatar! Modify your learning process with new ideas!

Tasty Illustrations

When you look at the stars and know that we are not alone in this universe - alien is an excellent proof of this


This is a great option for people who put science above everythig else - it will be clear that you belong to the class of technology


Great for supporters of magic and mysticism, or if you think you are the embodiment of evil, and the child of hell

Application in action
Customer review

I have worked with many companies that provide IT Services. Nikitin Team was the company that surprised me the most, in a very positive way. I found out that they have built an organization that is always striving for improvement. I have already recommended their work to other clients and I will continue to do so as I believe that “Nikitin Team” is an exceptional company lead by exceptional people.

— Kate Stenton
Founder and Managing Director at Amumba, USA
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